Summer Holidays 2017-2018

Holidays Time 2017-2018

My favourite time of year is here. The weather has final showed up here on the Gold Coast with sunny 30 degrees forecast for the next day’s, so will be definitely enjoying some swimming with the family, followed by my late Christmas shopping. The presents are sorted it’s all the Christmas food shopping that I get late. With the shopping centres working like mad no wonder it’s called the silly season. I try and get the kids presents done before the rush, to relax and enjoy the family time. With the summer heat finally here, the beach and pool is a great way to cool down with beverage or two 🙂


With 12 weeks off my school teaching job, I’ll finally have the time to create some new styles for my essential oil jewellery range. With summer here I get new inspiration for styles and colours for the upcoming year. Making new jewellery for my online store can be challenging at times, with kids, work and time, but with my 12 weeks off I‘ll have plenty of time to think and create some new aromatherapy jewellery for the markets and my online store. Finding the inspiration these days is easy with all the latest fashion blogs and the internet easily accessed at your fingertips in home. So my time will be well spent in reading and searching what’s hot and what’s not.


New Summer Colours Trends for 2017-2018.

Looking around the fashion globe and you will find a ton of fashion blog’s with inspirational colour schemes. Even the latest fashion magazines, if anyone still purchases them? I’m an internet reader and new blogger and find it easier and more efficient to read blogs and find stuff I need with the internet. “But each to their own, I’m not judging you”. Back to the colours… There are some beautiful beige and earthy tone colours that are in at the moment. You can always be safe with earthy tones, whether wearing them, or in your home for styling and applications. Pale blue and navy are also very popular colour choice in 2017 -2018 and my favourites at the present time. Another great colour choice is pale green and white, these colours also seeing some high global popularity. As well as, beautiful light pinks and golden colours.

Furthermore, I will be back at the Broadbeach Market’s selling my Essential Oil Jewellery range as well as my essential oil blends, essential oil car diffusers, and body scrub. Thank you everyone for your support and kindness, have a merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

merry Christmas and happy new-years-eve-

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