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Breaking heaven saint

Breaking heaven saint

Breaking heaven saint

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    Breaking heaven saint
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    I eat $2580000
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2022-08-05 14:20:34
Three hundred years ago, the immortal world opened the immortal gate, and countless immortals poured out of the immortal gate to the human world to kill the human race. The demon world took advantage of the fire and came to the human world the Terran has suffered countless deaths and injuries, and the Seven Saints of the Terran work together. Resist the immortal and demon worlds together under the leadership of the sage, the Terrans took up their weapons and followed the resistance one after another the immortal and demon worlds suffered heavy casualties and were forced to jointly deal with the Terran the Terran gradually lost to the enemy. Finally, the Seven Saints forcibly closed the gate of the two worlds of immortals and demons at the cost of the annihilation of the soul and the end of the body, so as to repel the immortals and demons three hundred years later, how many people in the world remember that the cry of saints from the depths of their souls once resounded through the clouds "immortals and Demons deceive us. We need to pay back in a hundred years."

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