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I m not an elven supporting role

I m not an elven supporting role

I m not an elven supporting role

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    I m not an elven supporting role
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    Crazy silence
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    Garden Novel
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2022-01-23 01:09:19
Senior social animal Li wanted to return to the age of 11 and found himself in the dream world of Baoke but before he was happy, he found that he had another close friend named Lin Feng, whose parents were alive, beautiful, with a sister and a civilian family stunned, he combined his own situation and couldn't believe it - "I won't be a supporting role in the later part of the novel?" Li Xiang, who was hard to accept, was determined to launch a counterattack against fate (tips before viewing: this book is composed of games, animation, comics, external transmission and personal settings) key words: Fairy treasure can dream, Pokemon, magic baby, pet elf, special article this old book has been completed in 2.8 million words, and the character is guaranteed

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