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The sword weighs nine days

The sword weighs nine days

The sword weighs nine days

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    The sword weighs nine days
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    Sheng Xian
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    Cool Novel
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2022-01-21 00:31:54
In 3901 of the Longwu calendar, in the Chen family in Qingzhou White Tiger City in the Dasheng Dynasty, a man with modern memory crossed into a man named Chen Xu. After some strange fate, he crossed into the unknown world Background: there are five countries in the world, namely Shengguo, Shenguo, Qingguo, Linguo and Fuguo (ranking in strength order). The Dasheng Dynasty is famous for its martial arts. It can be said that half of the martial arts in the world are in Shengguo. Shen is famous for its literature. Even Shengguo has to admit that Shen's literature is the first in the world Literature: from small to large, it can be divided into literati, literati and literati. These can not be achieved by the imperial examination. Literati will take an examination in the literary attic of the state of Shen. They must check at all levels before they can be awarded the title of meeting the level martial arts: there are five levels of martial arts. Every time you break through one level of martial arts, you must find a skill that meets your own strength and weapons. This skill will always accompany the martial arts player. The level can determine the martial arts player's strength. The so-called skills are not available everywhere. Only the elders who have risen to the triple realm can create skills, and only the same weapons can cultivate this skill. However, it is said that in this world, people with enough talent and perseverance can cultivate to a higher level, and there are more than 20 people in the world, which is called the realm of all things (seven levels of territory). When you enter this territory, you will have two more skills than ordinary people. The color from one to seven levels is red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. The darker the color, the stronger the skills. This is called a real strong person, but it is very few.

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