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Cross the heavens to be a bandit

Cross the heavens to be a bandit

Cross the heavens to be a bandit

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8140 ratings
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    Cross the heavens to be a bandit
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    You're a jumper
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    Health Books
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[are you looking for someone from the fierce sword shop in the snow? Just click in!] step on the snow and travel in the Jianghu. Carry a gun and travel thousands of miles warm wine and welcome guests. Talk and laugh, respect romantic receive the distress letters from the heaven and the world and go to first aid when completing a task, you can take anything from the delegator as a reward the delegator is invalid order of crossing the world: Magic mobile phone, fierce knife in the snow (broadcast on November 15), sword, legend of mortal cultivation of immortals... follow up to be determined you can't pay less for the treasures you should have. All the treasures and beauties you like should be packed and taken away therefore, a bandit who wandered in the world of heaven was born.

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