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Buer Avenue

Buer Avenue

Buer Avenue

Rating: 9 / 10 from 20417 ratings
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    Buer Avenue
  • Author:

    Wen Daoshou Yu
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    Mp3 Books
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The new book "Tang monster atlas" was officially on sale. Masochistic demons are here. Does anyone dare to have a look Wei Buer thought that he could cultivate the great road after entering the cloud hermit sect, but he found that he had to start with a factotum first. In the seemingly insignificant door, you can hit a stone and meet a lot of senior brothers and sisters with golden fingers. All the girls in the monastic world are good-looking. Wei Buer thought he would always find a good girl, but he found that the girls were really terrible. To be serious, welcome to the white scientist base with the deepest starting point and the most fierce battlefield to kill white scientists. Welcome to the miserable Shura field and the favorite Baixue site. Even if he is dead and nailed in the coffin, Wei Buer will shout out with the decadent vocal cord——

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