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Blackening: I have a cube against the sky

Blackening: I have a cube against the sky

Blackening: I have a cube against the sky

Rating: 9 / 10 from 3514 ratings
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    Blackening: I have a cube against the sky
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    Herding three years old
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    365 Books
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College student Lin Chen wakes up and crosses the Tianyuan star, which is similar to the earth but full of yuan power. Here, he can not only absorb yuan power and cultivate longevity, but also summon powerful yuan beasts to fight by chance, Lin Chen, who suffered a lot of humiliation, opened the guardian system of yuan, got a destiny cube that can explode and add opportunities, and embarked on the road of blackening buy a dinner for the beggar at the school gate to get full level talent drive away the bully of Aunt Li's steamed stuffed bun shop and obtain the number of successors to Shenge defeat widow Wang and get the treasure trace of the thief Sheng Tian congratulations on completing revenge and opening the revenge store there are all kinds of treasures here: skills flower finder in the cloud: wild geese pluck their hair and touch each other. They can randomly transfer one thing from each other to their own hands Star sucking method: forcibly seize the yuan power of others and transfer it to your own body imitate the cat and draw the tiger: watch it once and learn the opponent's skill directly Secret Treasure heaven swallowing Atlas: ignore the level and open the field tortoise sucks jade: hide your breath taboo Bracelet: randomly stimulate a human potential elixir Secret elixir of vitality: it can continuously restore a large amount of vitality in a short time Secret healing pill: recover 70% of internal injuries in a short time jiuzhuan huanhun pill: as long as there is one breath left, you can instantly restore your peak state< br>....... thank you for your patronage: Yuanqi pill, Dali pill, healing pill, Minjie pill Get one at random.

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