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Play games and become a big man

Play games and become a big man

Play games and become a big man

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    Play games and become a big man
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2022-01-18 17:10:22
Son, today is May 20, 2022. At about 6 p.m., I turned left in front of Heshi No. 1 middle school, 50 meters away from the sidewalk flower bed your father and I are miserable today. I lost my mobile phone and can't explain it to your grandfather. If you already had time and space transmission technology in that era, you can send your father a better mobile phone the configuration must be high! The kind that all mainstream games can play I'm very filial. I know you must be very filial too. You won't refuse this kind of work I promise you, when you are born, I will treat you well. If you want to play games, it will never stop you, and I will buy you the best mobile phone to play games as long as you want What are the exchange terms if your generation doesn't have time transmission technology, you must leave this important message to your son and let him pass it on from generation to generation otherwise, I will die now If I die, you will all cease to exist Suo Liu, a loving father and grandson.

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