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A little crazy, a little dry

A little crazy, a little dry

A little crazy, a little dry

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    A little crazy, a little dry
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    Waste snack
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    Qishi Book
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2022-01-14 18:54:22
If someone asked you, how would you go back to ancient times GAO Tianci's answer is how to be cool and how to live ~ ~ I can't provoke him. I wrote a small story book to scold him if you can afford it, you can do whatever you want with sacks and sticks with our senior dead thin house's experience, no old coffin skin can't be fooled what? Why do you ask "dead thin house?"······ The old fellow miserably hungry, ~~~, in order to stop hungry, he decided to be indecent and grow up and stick to the "Gou" character, so that the officials of the official group shouted "old iron 666" and played the sport for us.

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