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It s not hard to be a trainer

It s not hard to be a trainer

It s not hard to be a trainer

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    It s not hard to be a trainer
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    It's a fox, not a cat
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    Apple novel
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2022-01-22 08:53:35
Heavy elves fans from the earth, Lin Shi, the champion for three consecutive years since participating in the elves baokemeng game world competition, were blown up in situ when recording the blind box unpacking video sent by fans, and came to a real world of elves. However, there seems to be an accident in crossing, Lin Shi's soul enters Su Yunxi, who dreams of becoming the strongest trainer all day... "what's it like to suddenly become a girl?" "it's just a talk without a chicken..." this is a world where human beings and elves coexist. The trainer profession has completely risen. There are no most wasteful elves, only the most wasteful trainers, who continue to fight and cultivate in order to become stronger "how can ghosts be raised by elves? Krypton lives." "double pay can't be double pay. This common sense... Nani! It's reversed? Then I'm not an explosion!" "hold the double sword dance! Do you know how to break the shell!" "doragon swings to death! Come back? It's too greedy!" "shanedo's skirt bottom... I can't see, children can't stand it" There is a legend on that the four heavenly kings collapsed because of her, and the champion asked her for advice in private... No one knows the true face of Teacher Lin, but the only thing that can be confirmed is that she must be a beautiful and sweet girl only Su Yunxi cried and said, "I'm really not teacher Lin..." you can come in and have a look

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