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Legend of Tianshen jade

Legend of Tianshen jade

Legend of Tianshen jade

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    Legend of Tianshen jade
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    Sink like water
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    52weixin Books
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2022-01-14 12:40:57
Is it a conspiracy or providence? After the teenager obtained an ancestral jade pendant, his life has changed dramatically (the female leader and the male leader of this book are infatuated, single-minded and decisive) (all supporting actors' IQ are online, which is by no means mindless and cool, and they say more) (the early stage is relatively slow, and the later stage is boiling with blood) (the plot is ups and downs, and the story is novel and creative) Supreme divine skill, diamond, sable, pulse spirit, zombie clown, Laurie, virtual battle, battle soul, Dharma phase, temple conspiracy, Demon awakening, ghost market auction, school experience, battle spirit armor, cyborg, werewolf blood clan, alien cat mother, planet awakening, aura recovery, all things evolution, Zerg invasion, mecha frenzy, transmission Tianlong, God of war continent, elf orc, mercenary beast tide, human origin, protoss legend, extraterritorial alien, cosmic origin

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