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I have become an old Wulin myth

I have become an old Wulin myth

I have become an old Wulin myth

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    I have become an old Wulin myth
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    Five party action
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    Clean book
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2022-01-22 06:30:34
"Let me state first that the reason why I disappeared in the past 33 years is definitely not because I gambled everything in the new era." "but you disappointed me too much. The position of Wulin myth is too heavy and deep for you to grasp." "Some people say that I'm an old antique. Can't the Jianghu in the new era carry my boat? Hehe, I don't believe it!" Before the change of heaven - three feet of air wall, picking leaves and flying flowers, fighting thousands with one enemy, which is the top of martial arts. after the change of heaven - alien talisman, divine soldiers, evil spirits, demons and spirits, wuzhe Xianzhen, witchcraft and insects, secret and subtle, summoning gods to resist ghosts, cultivating immortals... the number of changes of Tiangang and Disha, 3600, 84000 methods... in a word, it is a spirit crossing In the age of great cultivation, identity is the story of Wulin mythology in the low martial arts period. the flow of the heavens, the invincible flow, after thousands of sails, the boss is still me!

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