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Legendary Ranger Bruce

Legendary Ranger Bruce

Legendary Ranger Bruce

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    Legendary Ranger Bruce
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    Broken teeth without injury
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    People Books
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2022-07-02 05:59:59
Tian Yan crossed with the turret system to a turret like world with elves and orcs, swords and magic eh? Heroes in this world are a little weak. Are most of their heroic skills Bronze? But I can directly use the hero skill point to go up. Bronze level, silver level, gold level, diamond level, well, almost, it's equivalent to the full level skills in the game no! There seems to be a little lower, holy level? What the hell is this? But this requires a lot of heroic skills. I'll save... what? Any combination of hero skills? This - can have! Give me the growing hero skills first, the butcher's carrion accumulation (unlimited increase in strength and physique), the silent warlock's wisdom blade (unlimited increase in intelligence), and the Legion commander's Duel (unlimited increase in attack) well, let me see, what are the shortcomings... that's right! Of course, we have to add six grid God costumes who is my opponent Shh - - this skill doesn't have much combat effectiveness at the beginning. Let me live for a thousand years first. Besides, the world is too dangerous, but I don't dare to go out.

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