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help! I m obsessed with the saint

help! I m obsessed with the saint

help! I m obsessed with the saint

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    help! I m obsessed with the saint
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    Little matchmaker selling medicine
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    Only Novel
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2022-01-14 12:10:56
Lu Ya crosses the immortal world and becomes the young master of the Lu family whose spiritual roots are damaged. At the beginning, he is cheated by the beggar master to go on a blind date the blind date is the granddaughter of the first person in Xiandao and the saint of Xianmen unexpectedly, he could hear the voice of the saint [wait... Wait a minute, you, what are you going to do? What are you doing so close... Shouldn't it be... Rude...] [you've done so much to me and now you want to drive me away? Irresponsible! You're a scum man!] [the other party is a serious Taoist disciple on the third floor of the Qi practice realm. She can't beat it with her fist unless you can hit the vital point of the life gate with one punch. You certainly don't know that his life gate is hidden in your armpit...] "Oh? She can see through other people's cultivation realm and know where the life gate is?" Since then, Lu Ya has learned a lot about immortality from this cheap girlfriend. however, his parents who have been out in business for many years have never heard from him, but the housekeeper who went out with him has returned by himself. "young master, the weather has changed..."

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