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When looking to buy essential oils for you and your family you want the best in quality and price. You can visit our website at where you can learn all about essential oils and their health benefits. We also have all the latest in doTERRA essential oils and enrolment kits for the whole family and when purchasing from our online store you will receive free shipping on all orders within Australia. We are located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. For any local orders or doTERRA parties you can contact us through our online store or facebook/oohlalava to arrange any pick up, deliveries and information. For all you oil lovers out their doTERRA essential oils are for you!


Pure Bliss

doTERRA oils are the most used, popular and recognized brand when it comes to essential oils. They are highly concentrated with the highest of aroma. Using natural essential oils for aromatherapy is an ancient practice but we can also use them for internal use to. There are countless ways of uses and benefits for using oils but I won’t to focus on the internal way for now. So for internal use especially now that the cooler months are setting in the BEST oils for the cold and flu season are Eucalyptus, Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Lavender. You’re probably wondering why oils? Simply that these oils are high in antioxidants and fights off colds and flu symptoms and much more. For further information or question on essential oils visit or facebook/oohlalava

More essential oils benefits:
• Fight cold and flu symptoms
• Relax your body and soothe sore muscles
• Heal skin conditions
• Alleviate pain
• Balance hormones
• Improve digestion
• Reduce cellulite and wrinkles
• Clean your home


capsule-pill-for essential oils


Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

I guess when people are applying products on their body or for internal use you want to know that there’re safe to use rest a shore doTERRA oils are consumable and a first class product. There are currently 37 different oils that are safe for internal.
The holistic solution recipe:
First you can decide on a roller bottle or the capsules, I use both and you can purchase these through doTERRA but any empty capsules will work fine.
Second you need to mix your blends I am using a 10ml bottle for this. My cold and flu mix consists of 16 drops of Lemon, 14 drops On Guard, 14 drops Melaleuca, 12 drops Frankincense and 10 drops Oregano. Now add the fractionated coconut oil to fill the bottle up (approx. 5ml).

Roller bottle
To Spine, feet and glands every 10-15 minutes to expel flu like symptoms.
Place 2-3 drops in an empty capsule, take with food. 2 x caps 3 times a day.
Learn more about essential oils and recipes on our blog.


Find Us at Gold Coast Markets

Want to get first-hand insight on essential oils and aromatherapy jewellery here on the Gold Coast? You can visit us at the Gold Coast Markets. To make sure you don’t miss us we will be posting the day and dates on our facebook/oohlalava page regularly where you can come and say hello and view our essential oils and aromatherapy jewellery at our special market prices.

Hope to see you their!
Renee 🙂

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