How are essential oils made?

How are essential oils made?

There are a few different methods and techniques of extracting essential oils out of the raw plant materials and I’ll talk about the popular ones. The most common way of making essential oils is through the steam distillation process. Essential oils are extracted from the raw plant material, which may consists of the flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel. The pant materials are freshly picked  for the steam distillation process. To extract the oil out of the plant material it’s done gently, slowly and skilfully. The pressure and temperature of the distillation needs to be controlled. If not done correctly could result in oxidation and destroying the oil.

Essential oils are comprised of only 3 elements: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. To start the process the plant materials sit on top of the distillery (suspended above).  As the water boils at the controlled temperature and pressures, steam passes through the plant material. As the result realising essential oils into the water to be captured. The water and essential oils can’t mix together. They both become separated as oil rises to the top and collected once cooled. That’s the steam distillation proceeds of extracting essential oils. The temperature used for steam distilling is approximately between 140 – 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Different plant materials will need different temperatures, pressures and time to complete their process.


The second most common method of extracting essential oils is called Expression also known as (“cold pressed”). Unlike steam distillation heat is not used. The oil is extracted under mechanical pressure. and squeezed out of the plant material. Most plant materials used in the expression processes are Citrus plants such as Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit and Bergamont from the peel (rind). Again this process requires skilled techniques to press out the oils.  Poor distillation process can result in destroying the aromatic compounds.

Choosing a Brand of Essential Oil

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