Building the Brand

Jewellery Design

Now that the holiday season is in bloom, the time off work is not being missed and having a great time with the family, It makes it all worthwhile,  and still with a couple of weeks off before I go back to teaching again. I’m keeping myself busy making and designing new jewellery styles

How great are the markets these days! With lots of unique stalls, great ideas and the people are lovely and friendly. The success I’m having at the markets and all the positive  feedback from all the people its been fantastic! Its definitely a great way to get your name out there and start building your brand.

So if you are a local or coming to visit you need to come and check out The Broadbeach Arts & Crafts Market and the Mt Tambourine Markets. Come and say hello! Your shore to find something special. Mention this blog and ill give you a great deal. That’s if anyone’s reading this?

Building the Brand

I’ve got to say that “building a brand is not an easy thing!”  the amount of time needed for not only making and designing the jewellery, but the everything else involved, it sometimes seems to me like I’m “trying to climb a icy mountain” with no spikes on my feet (ITS HARD WORK) you cant give up. You have had your vision and go for it!

But hay, I’m loving it! I’m mean who doesn’t like working 70 hrs per week? if i wasn’t busy making jewellery, taking the kids to dance, athletics, nippers and  to school, what else could I be doing? mmm? lol

My friends might think I’m crazy, but whats wrong with thinking outside the square and being a little ambitious? “you got to give it a go or you just wont know!”

So for anyone out there that’s got a great idea? Don’t hesitate, Don’t think about it too long! Just get in there and have a go! That’s the good old Aussie spirit! get yourself out there, try the online thing, use all the social media to build your brand, set up a stall at the markets and start reaping your hard work. 🙂

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