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How are essential oils made?

By admin | Aug 4, 2017

How are essential oils made? There are a few different methods and techniques of extracting essential oils out of the raw plant materials and I’ll talk about the popular ones. The most common way of making essential oils is through the steam distillation process. Essential oils are extracted from the raw plant material, which may consists…

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Essential Oil Jewellery Video – 4

By admin | Jul 17, 2017

Essential Oil Jewellery Video Our Latest Essential Oil Jewellery Video. Aromatherapy Bracelets, Essential Oil Jewellery, Lava Jewellery, Shop and save FREE SHIPPING Store-Wide!  

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Basic Essential Oil Guide - doTERRA Australia

Basic Essential Oil Guide

By admin | May 18, 2017

Here I have put together the 10 must have house hold essential oils for Beginners 2017. Basic Essential Oil Guide: EUCALYPTUS oil is great for cough and colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma sufferers, congestion, respiratory issues, joint pain, allergies, pneumonia as well as hot flushes. Keep this one handy for the flu season. PEPPERMINT oil also known as…

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Building the Brand

By admin | Apr 18, 2017

Jewellery Design Now that the holiday season is in bloom, the time off work is not being missed and having a great time with the family, It makes it all worthwhile,  and still with a couple of weeks off before I go back to teaching again. I’m keeping myself busy making and designing new jewellery styles How…

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Health Benefits of Essential oil Blends

By admin | Mar 5, 2017

Learn the Health Benefits of Essential oil Blends Essential oils, have they been forgotten? Why does this generation of people still not understand the health benefits of essential oils ? And why use essential oil blends? My love for essential oils grows and grows Everything I’ve learnt throughout my time from  mentors and people, to researching books, trial…

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Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery

What We Use @Ooh La Lava

By admin | Feb 11, 2017

What We Use @Ooh La LAVA At Ooh La LAVA  essential oil jewellery and designs are stylish elegant and unique. The gem stones are at the highest quality, source from around the world. The oils we use in our blends are from the trusted company brand in the world “Essential oils from doTerra”. They are of the highest quality…

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Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery

Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery

By admin | Jan 26, 2017

Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery Ooh La LAVA was created on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia in early 2016 for the sole purpose of making custom and unique hand made jewellery using Lava for its absorption and diffusion of beautiful smelling essential oils. Aroma jewellery is simple and effective.  Add one to two drops of your favourite…

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Aromatherapy Jewellery Video

By admin | Jan 5, 2017

 Aromatherapy Jewellery Video Aromatherapy Jewellery Video. Aromatherapy Bracelets, Essential Oil Jewellery. Lava Jewellery Shop and save FREE SHIPPING Store-Wide!  

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Essential Oil Benefits

Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils

By admin | Nov 26, 2016

aro Therapeutic Benefits of Essential Oils Essential Oil Benefits: Modern day essential oils have come a long way, we use them in our daily lives, the oils supports the body’s natural healing process they are a great source of natural medicines to the most popular practice Aromatherapy therapeutic benefits are: Anxiety relief , Alzheimer’s, ADHD, Memory loss,…

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