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Hello and welcome to Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery. We are very happy to see you on our site. You can view all our latest clearance offers, products and categories, read our latest news or follow our Facebook page to know how to do this.

About us, Ooh La LAVA was first created in Australia in early 2016. As a lover of essential oils and there benefits, and the lack of nice essential oil jewellery,  I went out to start my own range.

My journey began here on the Gold Coast, Queensland as I started exploring different materials for jewellery making, as the idea of combining the essential oils and jewellery together and creating Essential Oil Jewellery. Needing the absorption and diffusion process of essential oils, through trial and error Iava stone had worked the best and the idea of using lava stone as the medium was the solution and the rest is what they say “history”.

Lava stone is porous and absorbs the essential oils and will slowly release the aroma over 3 day, it is perfect for diffusing oils!

What is Lava ? 

All of Ooh La Lava's Aromatherapy jewellery contain one or more lava stones which are porous. The lava stone is made when gas bubbles become trapped in the molten lava as it cools down. It is then hand crafted and made into a round bead form and used to make aromatherapy jewellery.


How to use Essential Oil Jewellery

Its very simple to apply, just add one to two drops of your favourite essential oil to your LAVA stone and rub in gentle diffuses average 3 days (then repeat the process) Enjoy the benefits of Aromatherapy jewellery there endless. The Lava stones we use are porous, so it will absorb the essential oil.

Where can I buy Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery

I'm selling my essential oil jewellery in Australia all over the country through this online store, as well as at the local markets throughout this beautiful city of the Gold Coast. Come visit us and say hello, view the jewellery range and oil blends, your feedback is welcome too. You can follow our Facebook  page or visit our Blog to find out the next market location.

The Store owner

Hello my name is Renee and I'm the owner and founder of Ooh La Lava. I'm a happily married  hard working mum with 2 girls living in beautiful Australia, Queensland on the Gold Coast. My background : I have a Bachelor degree in Education and Bachelor degree as a Radiation Therapist and also have a Diploma in Beauty & Aromatherapy.

Further more I can strongly say my passions are to educate and help people. I'm a strong believer in natural medicines and love the health benefits that essential oils has to offer, I use them daily, i love them! hence why I’m starting my own essential oil jewellery range.

So Ooh La Lava was born, now my dream of wearing essential oils and jewellery together has become real and the next step was sharing my passion. The feed back I was receiving from friends and family was inspiring and my hobby has now become a dream come true and I haven't looked back since.

My designs are handmade here on the Gold Coast, they are unique one of a kind pieces using semi precious stone and lava in either Sterling Silver or Gold. With lava stone the heart piece of essential oil jewellery and the beautiful aroma you can wear them all day, every day. Experience the combination of Aromatherapy jewellery now here on the Gold Coast, Australia for everyone to enjoy. Browse my online store and view Australia's largest range of essential oil jewellery.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


renee-pavic store owner

Renee Pavic 

Founder & Owner of Ooh La Lava Essential Oil Jewellery Australia

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