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dōTERRA Oils

dōTERRA Shop for the latest dōTERRA oils and products from Ooh La Lava. Arborvitae $45.30 Add to cart Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist Basil $42.00 Add to cart Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist Bergamot $54.65 Add to cart Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist Black Pepper $35.30 Add to cart Add to Wishlist…

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Gold Coast Essential Oils

OOoh La Lava on the Gold Coast

  Where to Buy Essential Oils Gold Coast When looking to buy essential oils for you and your family you want the best in quality and price. You can visit our website at where you can learn all about essential oils and their health benefits. We also have all the latest in doTERRA essential…

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How are essential oils made?

essential oils - doTERRA

How are essential oils made? There are a few different methods and techniques of extracting essential oils out of the raw plant materials and I’ll talk about the popular ones. The most common way of making essential oils is through the steam distillation process. Essential oils are extracted from the raw plant material, which may consists…

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Oil Sharing Enrolment Kit

doTERRA Oil Sharing enrolment kit australia

15 mL Bottles:

doTERRA Breathe® (3), AromaTouch® (2), doTERRA Balance® (2), Wild Orange (2), Citrus Bliss® (1), doTERRA Serenity® (1), Frankincense (2), doTERRA On Guard® (3), Lemon (3), Lavender (3), DigestZen® (3), Peppermint (3), Oregano (1), Melaleuca (Tea Tree) (3)

5 mL Bottles:

Deep Blue® (3)

10 mL Bottles:

PastTense® (2)

Other Products:

5/8 Dram Sample Vials (72), Oil Cap Stickers (5 sheets), Black Keychain (8-vial), Aroma Lite Diffuser, Fractionated Coconut Oil (115 mL)

FREE SHIPPING doTERRA Australia Store - Wide

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dōTERRA Enrolment Kits Australia

Search for: Search dōTERRA Enrolment Kits doTERRA Enrolment Kits Australia The doTERRA Essential Oil Enrolment Kits are definitely the best value for money offer and a great way to get started using dōTERRA oils. When purchasing any of the Enrolment Kits the oils become even cheaper than the wholesale prices and the membership fee of…

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How to Buy dōTERRA at Wholesale Price

Search for: Search WELCOME TO OUR dōTERRA ESSENTIAL OIL ONLINE STORE Welcome to my doTERRA online store. Are you new to essential oils and would like to know more about them before you start purchasing with dōTERRA?  Here you can learn how to join, SAVE and become a Wellness Advocate, just as I am. What…

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Learn How To Join doTERRA

dōTERRA Essential Oils Start Your Wholesale Account Here you will learn the steps and see exactly how easy it is to join with dōTERRA and start purchasing at Wholesale Price and SAVE 25% off all products. Follow the steps below to becoming part of the dōTERRA family. Join and SAVE! Step 1: CLICK HERE to…

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dōTERRA Touch Enrolment Kit

doterra Australia -touch_expanded

Lavender® Touch- DigestZen® Touch- Frankincense® Touch- Tea Tree® Touch- Easy Air® Touch- On Guard® Touch -Oregano® Touch- Ice Blue®Touch- Peppermint Touch- On Guard® Beadlets- Peppermint Beadlets- Wellness Advocate™ Introductory Packet & Enrolment.

FREE SHIPPING doTERRA Australia Store - Wide

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A-Z Essential Oil guide

A-Z Essential Oil Guide What are essential oils made from? Essential oils are extracted from raw plant material, consisting of the flowers, leaves, wood, bark, roots, seeds, or peel. The most common way of process essential oils is through the steam distillation process. To extract the oil out of the plant material it’s done gently,…

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