Basic Essential Oil Guide

Here I have put together the 10 must have house hold essential oils for Beginners 2017.

Basic Essential Oil Guide:

  1. EUCALYPTUS oil is great for cough and colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, asthma sufferers, congestion, respiratory issues, joint pain, allergies, pneumonia as well as hot flushes. Keep this one handy for the flu season.
  2. PEPPERMINT oil also known as the cooling oil is used for headaches, pain, digestive discomfort, respiratory issues, fevers, acid re-flux and freshen bad breath. Can keep this one close to the kitchen and great to flavour food.
  3. MELALEUCA oil is your first aid care. Powerful antiseptic, use for cuts and scrapes, acne, dandruff, lice and athlete’s foot. Insect bites, fleas, rashes, earaches and pink-eye.
  4. LAVENDER oil is used for calming and relaxation. Use for muscle tension, headaches, relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, reduces stress, anxiety and to promote restful sleep.
  5. HELICHRYSUM oil great for tissue repair, acne, varicose veins, stretch marks, scars, haemorrhoids, hematomas and liver problems.
  6. LEMONGRASS oil use for muscle aches, tendinitis, nerve pain, sore ligaments, H pylori, diarrhoea, as well as candida and antiperspirant.
  7. CLARY SAGE oil use for balancing hormones, PMS, cramps, Inflammation, infertility and to uplift mood as well as depression, hot flushes and anxiety.
  8. OREGANO oil great for immune support, use for infections, viruses, colds and flu, ulcers, fungi, mold, parasites, warts, MRSA and melanomas. Also great to flavour food.
  9. LEMON oil is a fantastic detox oil, cleans toxins, rejuvenates skin, use for seasonal discomforts, sore throat, balancing PH levels, kidney stones, gout, improves metabolism and digestion.
  10. FRANKINCENSE oil the most universal oil of all. Known as the king of oils use for maintaining radiant skin, slows the sign of ageing, acne, scars, stretch marks, eczema, cold or flu, muscle aches, natural cancer treatment, balancing hormone levels, headaches, fatigue, anxiety, stress, digestion, chronic stress, sleep, asthma and inflammation.


Basic Essential Oil Guide 2017


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Stay tuned for more essential oil uses and their benefits. If you are interested in purchasing any of the oils or would like to know more about them please feel free to contact me. CLICK HERE


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