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Conan s pig head boy can t dream of a girl

Conan s pig head boy can t dream of a girl

Conan s pig head boy can t dream of a girl

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    Conan s pig head boy can t dream of a girl
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    Author d2mezb
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2022-07-12 10:53:55
A young pig head boy will not dream of a white coat schoolgirl one day, it rains in the afternoon< Br> "Hey, gin, have you finished the task I gave you? Yes, finish hideyi Akai. Have you finished it? OK, you can die if you like."< Br> "cough", rub your hands, cough up phlegm, lean slightly, and look like a dog leg< Br> "nei, sister Zhibao. Sister Mingmei is also very old... Why don't I introduce her to someone? After all, it's not a problem to live in our house all day..." "hum", high heels, stockings, leaning back, the whole Queen's posture< Br> "who are you with? Besides, even if my sister moves out, I can't live alone with you. You should think clearly" she hooks her hand. I pour a cup of coffee jingling, and a knock on the door rings< Br> "get in here! Didn't you hear that I made you want to die? What? Mission report?! you stand outside! And you, little fatty!"< Br> hard, hard fists< Br> jingling bell... this is the sound that... Pays special attention to< Br> "you still have special attention?!"< Br> "no, it's not. It's the boss, the boss! And it's the male boss! Don't rob, don't rob! OK, OK, can I start the exemption?"< Br>... "Hey, boss... Are you busy or not? Hey, you say. Oh, the task report... Has been completed. What? I will report tomorrow? But tomorrow I will...... " it's just a proposal. The equipment and sites you want are ready. I'll let them postpone it for one day! After all, the task...... ... is over. It's all over.

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