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Li you s Tang Dynasty

Li you s Tang Dynasty

Li you s Tang Dynasty

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    Li you s Tang Dynasty
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    Xiguan titanium
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    Passion Novel
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2022-01-26 08:16:41
A mysterious ring brought modern youth Li you to the Tang Dynasty in the 17th year of Zhenguan and became the son of king Qi Li you, who was called an asshole by Li Shimin this is the most painful year for Li Shimin. Looking at the cowardly successor of his career, Li Zhi is full of bitter laughter and helplessness< Br> "hey..." modern young Li You's mouth slightly tilted: "my ring can take me to the future and modern, glass, glasses, chocolate, mask, perfume... Lovely Datang, I want to make a fortune." "Oh, this ring and system, ouch... Arm bow, step man, bike..." Li You began to frantically accumulate his strength. However, the wisdom of the ancients was not low. When Li you accumulated strength, Li Shimin, who was terminally ill, gave the last edict in Hanfeng's Palace: "give Li you a cup of poisonous wine!" but the edict did not come out. Li you went to Li Shimin's bed and bowed slightly: "Father emperor, this is not your Datang, but Li you's Datang!"

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