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Supernatural recovery: my wife is too strong

Supernatural recovery: my wife is too strong

Supernatural recovery: my wife is too strong

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    Supernatural recovery: my wife is too strong
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    What a light
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    Free Novel
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2021-12-01 03:18:07
When he woke up, Su Yue crossed into a game world and obtained a selection system. As soon as night fell, evil creatures and evil ghosts would breed in this world in order to survive, all people need to complete various tasks in the dark to survive, so as to obtain rewards, transform themselves and make them strong [ghost language - it's well known in the world. It's full of ghost stories. Nine out of ten ghost words are false. After use, it can affect others' judgment of you according to the star level.] [ghost ear - it's the most special hearing in the world. With it, all whispers can't escape your ears.] [blood stained pointed hammer - small hammer 40, big hammer 80, oh, sorry, I used some force carelessly. If you have a next life, I'll pay attention to it.] [old contract after use - bad stomach? It doesn't matter. Here's a considerate stomach nourishing package.] Su Yue: "top of the ghost, proud of the world, Su Yue will have a day!... my wife saves me!"

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