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Joking about the dragon scale boy

Joking about the dragon scale boy

Joking about the dragon scale boy

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    Joking about the dragon scale boy
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    Yuan Qingyi
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    Famized book
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It is said that in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, several generations of emperors were fatuous. They used eunuchs and treacherous officials to bring disaster to the people, the country and the people, which made the country turbulent, domestic and foreign! Especially later, Japanese pirates were rampant along the southeast coast, and peasant uprisings continued throughout the country. In the Central Plains, drought and flood disasters occurred again. First, there were floods, and then there were severe droughts year after year. As a result, the seedlings were not long, the crops were not harvested, and the people lacked food and clothing. In some places, the bark and grass roots have been stripped off and eaten up, but there are still countless hungry dead. Many families have no choice but to leave their homes or go out to escape famine and beg for food in order to survive. Due to the long drought, even the lake outside Suizhou city had dried up and turned into a wasteland< br>