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Super seminary my holy blade

Super seminary my holy blade

Super seminary my holy blade

Rating: 9 / 10 from 2549 ratings
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    Super seminary my holy blade
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    Purple yellow star
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2022-01-16 02:19:36
When did you feel most desperate is it a time when there is no food to eat, or when there is no money to spend, or when your loved ones leave you? Or the moment of death at this moment, Chen Tian was already seeing what was happening in front of him, and the feeling of despair had filled his heart "pick up your holy sword, and the end of the story is up to you!" at the moment of hearing this voice, Chen Tian pulled out the fire sword and became a holy blade Chen Tian: I don't understand the concept of God. I only know to wave my sword and protect the people I value. The ending of the story is up to me (the protagonist of this book will not only have the books in the holy blade, but also have the books he created. However, he will release the books he created only after getting all the books in the holy blade.) buckle group: 1007083121

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