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The main road is me

The main road is me

The main road is me

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    The main road is me
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    Leather bag
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    Bestair novel
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Tao can't be enforced. If you get the Tao discipline, you can enforce it. It's the Lord of the Tao this cultivation world has spiritual roots, original life and common reference immortals are not immortals, Buddha is not Buddha, demons are not demons, and demons are not demons to fight, to rob, to calculate, to struggle, just to be detached the Taoist discipline collapses, the Taoist master retreats, and the avenue is invisible. Who can hold it after opening up the war, Yuan Hong, who died his master, stepped into the cultivation world... Kai Xianzang, cross Xianqiao and cross xianguan climb the immortal ladder, knock at the immortal gate and enter the immortal palace after a thousand years, Yuanhong stood in the sky before the next era and was in high spirits: "I get the Tao and discipline, and I hold the Avenue!"

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