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The secret of rebirth

The secret of rebirth

The secret of rebirth

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    The secret of rebirth
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    Ziyun non cloud
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    People Books
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2021-11-25 17:08:43
This is a cruel hell overnight, biochemical crisis, animal and plant variation, various zombies and mutant animals have completely collapsed the social order and become a cruel world of the law of the jungle this is also a beautiful paradise through the "treasure book", human beings have obtained various magical abilities, such as copper skin and iron bone, brick splitting and stone splitting for the weak; The strong fly to the sky, hide and do everything, and can resist the evolving zombies and monsters Where will a survivor who has struggled to survive for five years at the end of the world be reborn on the day of world change and has future memory ******** book friend QQ group: 256092361 the old book "take your future space with you" has been completed. Friends who haven't read it and don't think it has enough words can go and have a look.

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