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Immortality and emptiness

Immortality and emptiness

Immortality and emptiness

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    Immortality and emptiness
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    Writer Huang Cheng
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    Day Books
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2021-11-25 13:47:07
The evolution of everything in the world is closely related to the environment. Since the beginning of heaven and earth, the gods and demons of the heavens, the great evil in ancient times and all creatures in heaven and earth want to break into the extreme state and advance to immortality. However, the heaven and earth overturned and the avenue collapsed, which hindered many creatures from seeking the way to long life weak Terrans not only have to fight against powerful gods, demons, fierce creatures and other creatures, but also fight for life with heaven and earth, and survive in the cracks. After completing their initial growth, a group of Jing clan teenagers who avoided the liquidation of the defeat in the disabled world were sent to the big world by the guardian. The Jedi sought survival and practiced in adversity. Finally, they seized the last chance to become immortal in the world and broke the environment to live forever in addition to persistent diseases, sweep away the depression, pay attention to the Yin and Yang of heaven and earth, and return the heaven and earth. Looking back, it's hard to find old friends when relatives are gone. There are a lot of little partners, brothers and friends who have practiced together. All the once beautiful things also slowly go away with the years. What's the meaning of longevity? Even if you become an immortal, what can you change as the first person to become an immortal in the world, he dissipates his immortality and feeds heaven and earth, giving heaven and earth an opportunity to evolve, so that all creatures can become immortals. They escape into samsara and often accompany their relatives and small partners.

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