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I don t care about the box office

I don t care about the box office

I don t care about the box office

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    I don t care about the box office
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    Other people's kittens
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    Vchale Novel
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2021-12-06 10:47:16
One day, Chu Shun, even if he was hanged, had to take off his pants. He was shameless to die. He crossed into the parallel world and obtained a system called [Film Fund]. He was not afraid of losing money in making films and did not need investors. What kind of experience is it "as a director, I never care about the box office!" so Chu Shun moved out Kill Bill and didn't get the Dragon logo because it was too bloody well, killing bill, which grossed $180 million on earth, has become a big online movie in the parallel world... "I think there are three absurd things in the world. First, bad people tend to live better than good people. Second, when you are in trouble, friends are duty bound to help; when a friend is in trouble and asks you for money, you say he is not friends enough. Third, a group of you gather here to listen to me talk about the art of film." Chu Shun said in a speech at the American Film Academy. the king of war Hunting, farewell my concubine, pianist on the sea, out of reach, why home, Paradise cinema, the beautiful legend of Sicily, death poetry society, etc. These are some of Chu Shun's works directed by "scars of other countries".

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