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Sheng Zhou

Sheng Zhou

Sheng Zhou

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    Sheng Zhou
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    Qincha orange
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2021-11-24 17:47:20
The long knife kisses the neck, and the soul returns to his hometown. It has been 30 years in a trance the country is not broken, the mountains and rivers are still the same, and the Central Plains is still safe Hu Kou looks to the south, Tang people look to the north, Meng Shu is based on Sichuan, Guanzhong licks the blade, and the two Huaihe rivers are prosperous. Who is the last winner in China when Chai Qian, whose country was broken and his family was dead, returned to what had not happened yet, could he take the decaying land of the Central Plains to another road full of thorns and vitality (this article is a historical overhead, set as Zhao Kuangyin died in the battle, the great song dynasty was not opened, and the separatist regime is still in place. In order to increase the overhead and drama, the existence time of some historical figures will change. I hope the watchers can understand it and put forward suggestions if they have any. Thank you!)

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