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I come from Liaodong, Daming

I come from Liaodong, Daming

I come from Liaodong, Daming

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    I come from Liaodong, Daming
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    Daojue also waxy
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    Light Novel
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There is no one who is right in the Ming Dynasty at dawn, the sun appears and the moon rises at night. The sun and moon shine, only I am bright this is a story that starts from Liaodong and tells the story of the Han children of the Ming Dynasty resisting the invasion, fighting in all directions, Nirvana and rebirth, and reproducing the coming Dynasty of the Ming Dynasty his name is Huang Chongzhen. He loves jumping and is good at jumping his comrades in arms called him a big locust. JianNu called him a real locust. The Apocalypse called his locust Aiqing. The king believed that he was a locust because of it he started from Liaodong, slaughtering one city and breaking the cocoon into a butterfly. He began in Liaodong. The emperor guarded the country and was reborn hardworking people own land because of this big locust. There are no abandoned fields in the north and no wild land in the south. Uncle farmers serve the crops very well spring begins with thunder, and all things in China dormant in winter begin to recover. Before and after Gu Yu, wheat seedlings in the Central Plains began to sprout and bloom. Farmers in the south of the Yangtze River faced the Loess and turned their backs to the sky. They were busy transplanting seedlings in the early rice fields. In summer, the hybrid early rice that pays agricultural tax gets a good harvest, and the ration fragrant rice goes out of the field in the second season. In autumn, China ushers in a busy and joyful moment. Because of the autumn harvest, so winter Tibet "a real warrior dares to face the bleak life and face the dripping blood, instead of just trying to break and stand up. After all, there is only one life and only one China." "are you Chinese?" "I am." "do you love China?" "I love." "would you like China?" "I do." "I do." "catch insects, catch insects." he came, Please close your eyes and sleep, open your eyes and cheer, and enjoy the prosperity of this millennium book friends group: 173653666, welcome to join us. Pull subscription support.

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