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Welcome to the Zhutian administration

Welcome to the Zhutian administration

Welcome to the Zhutian administration

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    Welcome to the Zhutian administration
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    Night wind meets night rain
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    Lava Novel
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2021-12-04 13:36:10
"As we all know, the works of the real world are derived from other worlds." - director of the mieba Institute of fertility of the Space Administration Bureau the generation of a large number of system documents has led to a large number of outputs of various systems in other world. Moreover, the host of each system is a transgressor, which leads to the collapse of the derivative world. However, due to the subtle relationship between the real world and those worlds, and many world systems have even evolved into [Lord God] [paradise], which may eventually affect the peace of the earth therefore, the heaven authority came into being. The purpose of their existence is to accommodate those systems that run rampant in the foreign world "colleagues of the space administration, what is our slogan?" Doraemon, the team leader of the earth branch of the space administration, asked on the stage the protagonist who just came out of the mental hospital to join the Space Management Bureau replied brightly: "shelter, control, protect and maintain the order of the heavens!" "no..." the cat stared at the crotch and smiled mysteriously: "beat the system host, beat the system host, or beat the host of the shelter system!"