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Conan, I may really be real wine

Conan, I may really be real wine

Conan, I may really be real wine

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    Conan, I may really be real wine
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    Boring pigeon essence
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    Beauty Read
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2021-12-20 15:20:30
[Conan fellow, pure wine] Orange Xiuyi: it's our duty to recast the glory of the winery red side: Conan: brother Xiuyi is really a good man. Being in the winery, he has provided us with so much information Hideki Akai: ice wine, thanks to your help, I was able to escape anshitou: ice wine, I didn't expect you to save Zhufu. You are really a good man black side: Pisco: if ice wine hadn't spoken for me in front of the boss, I might have died... ... ... OK, it's just farting. This is a story of repeatedly jumping between the red side and the black side, playing the winery fisherman of mission impossible the author's work of writing practice is constantly updated. It is undergoing major changes. There may be a mess. Please point out thank you [the author's writing is not good, so he wrote for fun on vacation. What's unreasonable or typos? Well, just say what you can, but I won't change the general direction.]

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