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Sheltered wave

Sheltered wave

Sheltered wave

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    Sheltered wave
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    And song and line y
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    Ethical Novel
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2021-12-08 18:46:20
A huge fire burned down the Fengtian hall, and the Jianwen Dynasty ended. But the fire also burned Zhu Di's heart. So Hu Zhen went to sea looking for the immortal and Zheng He, looking for the man who didn't know whether he was there or not ten years later, because of a song, people who had nothing to do with it were involved ◎◎ -- so you don't think we have a chance "the holy master will not use these fierce weapons against his people. Especially the land under our feet is the territory of the Ming Dynasty. The holy master will not break his local mountains and rivers." -- then we will win "this is a dead end. Even the hardest egg is still an egg. You have seen the outside world and should know that I am right." - this battle is inevitable ※ -- it is the duty of internal officials to purchase overseas things under the order of the emperor. As far as I am concerned, I want to establish the prestige of the Ming Dynasty and lead all countries to Korea "if you have a chance, I really want to go to sea with Lord Zheng." -- today, Zheng left Daming and made more arrangements, but he can't predict his future. The winds and waves at sea, the national conditions of other countries, and even pirates who overestimate their abilities can be said to have "an uncertain future.". But no matter what happens, Zheng will not forget his original heart. Your highness should do the same ※ "the person you are looking for has long been buried in the sea of fire. The Holy Lord has warned the world more than ten years ago." -- I have my mission "it's yours and has nothing to do with me. I hope I have nothing to do with Lord Hu and won't see you again." -- enjoy cooperation.

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