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This call is not quite right

This call is not quite right

This call is not quite right

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    This call is not quite right
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    Gags provoked Huo
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    Novel 520
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2021-12-07 13:44:50
"Do you want to have close contact with your sister who has eight abdominal muscles? Come to our close combat club!" "modern mechanical shadows, come to our thermal weapons research society, aircraft artillery, rocket launchers, sniper guns, broadsword mines. This is the truth! Take you to appreciate the greatness of science, technology and industry!" "Come to our magic club. Have you seen Harry Potter? We're going to be the order of the phoenix of the Explorer College!" in this era, there is a shadow around everyone, including warriors, wizards, pistols, tanks, holographic projection, Yang electronic guns... human beings stand on the ruins of prehistoric civilization, look up at the stars and peep at the source of destruction. ... Lin Yu wakes up from his desk and finds that the world is not quite right. the first call begins. The first call must have four stars. annihilator pistol, portable type 1 (4 stars) a general of an ancient dynasty wears a knife (4 stars) Liezi (4 stars) "how is this routine so familiar..." "wait! It doesn't matter. Why can't we go through two days later when tomorrow is the college entrance examination?"

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